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Sharing as one of the leading industrial & commercial laundry equipment manufacturers in China, our customer service support including pre-sales and after-sales service support, made up by experienced technical staff, is able to assist every customer with detailed requirements or problems.

Pre-sales Service Support

Sharing’s Pre-sales service support department will work directly with you to determine your needs, knowing that the correct type and degree of agitation is a crucial factor in almost every processing operation.
These close customer relationships ensure that our products are manufactured to meet exact requirements for each specific application.
Engineering staff take into consideration the capacity, size and budgets, etc. Then they select from a vast range of options to provide the best choice in solutions for the application type and the size of the agitating unit required for the job.

After-sales Service Support

Sharing’s After-sales service support department will provide the following services:
1.Spare parts for each equipment with interchangeability guarrantee and best delivery time.
2.Technical assistance or supervision on-site during the installation, maintenance, commissioning  and start-up phases.
3.As the leading industrial and commercial laundry equipment manufacturers, Customized maintenance programs (Periodic or as-required maintenance, during and after the warranty period).
4.Each service task is documented in our equipment records. This way the current condition and life cycle can always be displayed and analysed. This service is free of charge for the owner of an Sharing’laundry equipments.

Need pre sales service or after sales service support,please contact with us,we will help you soon.

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