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Spotting Table

Spotting Table
Spotting Table

Spotting Table

1.Dry Cleaners
2.Small laundry business
3.Large laundry business
4.Star Hotel

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1.Spotting table also called stain removal table, which is equipped with imported spot-removing gun and hot wind gun. And the gun is suitable to your hands. The fluid is concentrate. Touch style button is very sensitive and convenient.
2.Equipped with a set of air filter, which prevent the second pollution to garments. Hot wind and steam are controlled by imported solenoid valve, which can fully utilize the eradicator and strengthen spot-removing effect.
3.Equipped with stainless steel table, mould and aluminum fan motor housing, France nylon potion hose, PTFE potion handle, etc. To ensure the long using life span.
4.Our spotting table is economic, durable, is very popular with dry cleaners, laundry shops, hotel laundry in most countries.