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Laundry Pressing Machine

Laundry Pressing Machine
Laundry Pressing Machine

Laundry Pressing Machine

1.Dry Cleaners
2.Small laundry business
3.Large laundry business
4.Star Hotel

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1.This laundry pressing machine is a wet washing utility press, for laundry shop, hotel laundry, etc.
2.Laundry pressing machine can be pressed directly after linen is extracting.
2.Our pressing machine using high quality pneumatic components and reasonable designed steam circuit. It is controlled only by compressed air, don’t need outer electric power, more engergy saving. It is stable, reliable and safety.
3.With 6mm thickness stainless steel polished working plate and reasonable steam pressure, it can make sure of high quality press and perfect goodness of fit.
4.The design of steam circuit is very simple and efficient, temperature rises fast, low thermal loss.
5.We can customize various kinds of presses according to your special requirements.