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Form Finisher

Form Finisher
Form Finisher

Form Finisher

1.Dry Cleaners
2.Small laundry business
3.Large laundry business
4.Star Hotel

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1.Form Finisher also called laundry dummy, controlled by advanced PLC, it is easy to operate, also can be controlled by pedal. Particularly computer process design. No matter how thick and complex clothing, you still can get good effect.
2.Designed with wind pressure, shoulder width, waist, hipline, lap and fly height adjuster. It is able to press small size garments, like woman clothes, shirts.
3.The wooden sleeves are customized, the ironing quality can be same as the professional garment factory, will not distort even after long time using.
4.Professional design of steam circuit, which assures the quality of steam supply.
5.Our form finisher is economic and durable, is very popular with dry cleaners, laundry shops, hotel laundry in most coutries.