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Commercial Tumble Dryer

Commercial Tumble Dryer-1
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Commercial Tumble Dryer-1
commercial tumble dryer-22

Commercial Tumble Dryer

1.Small laundry business
2.Dry Cleaners
3.Guest House

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1.Commercial tumbel dryer has simple microprocessor for easy operating, freely adjust drying time and heating temperature.
2.Compact design space saving, more commercial tumble dryer can be installed in limited space to increase efficiency.
3.Large door design for easy loading and unloading. Safety switch will stop the basket rotation when the door is opened to prevent any accident.
4.Dry fast, energy saving. Well insulated front panel and outer drum cover prevent unnecessary heat radiation and energy lost. Cool air bypass system save further by eliminate the heater cool down and reheat of heater in every cycles.
5.Lint box in drawer design ensure large filtration area and easy to clean daily, keep the machine at highest performance.
6.Multiple type of heating media available for your choosing from to suit your local needs. Steam, gas, electric heating are available.