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Commercial Laundry Press

Commercial laundry press
Commercial laundry press

Commercial Laundry Press

1.Dry Cleaners
2.Small laundry business
3.Large laundry business
4.Star Hotel

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1.This commercial laundry press is a fully automatic dry cleaning utility press, for dry cleaners, hotel laundry, etc.
2.This laundry press is controlled by imported Siemens computer, it is very easy to operate.
3.With special designed mould, it can fit the part of garment that need to press.
4.The method of bedding laying is very reasonable. No matter how thick or thin garment, even the uniform with copper buttons, it will not damage the garment and buttons, you will be satisfied with the pressing quality.
5.Patented design of steam circuit, which makes the appearance of whole machine very tidy, preheat only take 5 mintues.
6.Equipped with float-type water delivery unit, steam saving effect is very excellent.


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