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Commercial Laundry Machine

Commercial Laundry Machine

1.Medium laundry business
2.Large laundry business
3.Star Hotel


1. Commercial laundry machine is a soft mounted washing machine with springs and shock absorbers, which is designed for 300 G-force high extract accepted by most laundry worldwide remove more moisture than other low or medium spin machines after extract,reducing the time and energy for drying or ironing while protecting the fabrics.
2. Panels,internal drum, external tub and door frame are made of high grade stainless steel which can withstand rust and corrosion.
3. Frequency inverter drive allows variable wash and extract speed setting to suits variety of fabrics. Inverter drive single motor also helps saving energy, includes: electric, steam, water.
4. Main drum shaft is with two split bearing supports and multiple layers of bearing seal preventing possible leaks which may damage the shaft bearing. The design facilitates ease of repair and replacement of faulty bearing when need arises.
5. Computer with 30 fully programmable wash formulas allows any user to set the water level, temperature, pre washing, main washing, bleaching, drainage, etc. It allows easy downloading and up-loading of programs during upgrading. The control system is flexible and professional in design.
6. Double water inlet(hot and cold), double drainage design, water recycle usage can save up to 40% water and electric or steam consumption.


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